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“The proof is in the pudding” – Cervantes

This is a follow up post to Project Planning During A Pandemic where I get to showcase student work while reflecting on the assignment. As described in the linked post above, planning for hybrid teaching is challenging and I have been experimenting with different approaches to teach the concepts, keep the kids engaged, and not drive them or myself crazy while doing it.

As described in the linked post above, the objective of the ZoneDoodle Art Kit Cover project was developed as a way to incorporate both typography and line patterns to personalize student art kit covers, which for the most part, are being kept at home with just the sketchbook and few tools going back and forth to school on the one day each week when the kids have their art elective. My few students who are in school four days a week have an art kit at home and at school.

Thanks to a COVID related grant, we were able to purchase 2000 blank pizza boxes so every art student in the district could receive an art kit. The Art Kit Cover lesson was a good way to personalize the kit and help foster an attachment to it. Also, one day this pandemic will be under control and our lives will attain a new normalcy. If students hold on to them, the art kit covers can become a keepsake or memento from this time.

All of the lessons, demos, and tutorials for this project are in the Project Planning During A Pandemic post. In all, the project went well. The Thanksgiving holiday break was both helpful as a bridge between phases of the project, and a disruption in flow. Consistency, cohesiveness, and frequent check-ins are necessary always, and even more so with hybrid learning. With nearly 160 students who I see just once weekly, I am challenged to provide those necessary components. Despite the challenges, the kids rallied. As usual.

Here are just ten of the finished art kit covers and the rest can be found on Artsonia.

Rachelle R – I personalized my Art Kit by adding different things and the big thing in one of the sections is supposed to be an apple and I tried to fix it and it did not turn out right and i my opinion it kind of ruins the rest of the cover but other than that mistake I think that I did a pretty good job.
Jordan MP
Hudson C
Max L – I personalized my Art Kit by creating designs that were original to me. I didn’t use any examples on my Art Kit.
Kaitlin N – I personalized my Art Kit by doing a bunch of weird doodles it was hard to think of all of them but I of them all by myself it was hard tho
Corbin D – I personalized my Art Kit by making Devenney stand out from all the zone doodles. Most of the zone doodles I pick from the pdf, but some of them I made myself. I made the right size sections that are able to fit my zone doodles. I put two of my favorite zone doodles in because it was fun making them and to me they were really cool and I wanted them to be on display. I even gave some ones I’ve never done before a go. It turned out looking really god with the new types of zone doodles. I think this was really fun and that zone doodles are really cool even if you try new ones too.
Sloane R
Jack S – I personalized my Art Kit by using graffiti inspired letters for my name and extremely colorful doodles.
Maxwell B – I personalized my Art Kit by Adding my own designs to a Zone Doodle.
Sam C – I like how all the swirls and little lines are in my art kit cover.

Meanwhile, as the kids were working on their Art Kit Covers at home, they would work on Digital Zone Doodles on iPads using Autodesk Sketchbook app when they were in school. This part of the project was easier to monitor because it was completed synchronously. After the initial check-in at the start of each virtual class meeting, I would open individual breakout rooms during studio time, which enabled me to check in, see the student’s work, and offer encouragement or assistance. As you’ll see below and at the Digital ZoneDoodle gallery on Artsonia, the kids did an outstanding job with this project.

Antonia C – Image 1: I love all of the different colors on it. I like how neat some of the zone doodles so I tried for that’s style. I would not change anything but if I had to I would and more colors. This art work surprise me how neat it was.
Image 2: All I did in this art work was change to colors of the zone doodles and it remains the same figure. The colors are almost all from the original piece but in a different place
Image 3: For this art work I did not do much. I had finished the second one today and was playing around with sketch book and I found a color adjust tool and I played with it until I got something like this.

Charli C – My favorite pieces of this artwork are the rainbow spiral, and the herringbone pattern. My least favorite is the boxes with the sunset colors behind them. I think I could have done better on that one. One concept I learned is that zonedoodles are pretty, but take some time. I’d I could do this again, I would add more color and different patterns. I would also make some of the doodles more intricate.
Chris W – My favorite part is the zone doodles in it.
Do more creative designs because most of them were zone doodles of lines.
Don’t give up.
I used sketchbook.
Max B. – My favorite part was coming up with and making the doodles themselves. My inspiration was to take a more simpler look and not to much complexity. I would change a few doodles and make them not as messy and a better design. I learned how the predictive stroke helps a lot and how to color and make my own Zone doodles. I was surprised how neater it looked than my other artworks. First I made the border then the lines then I made the doodles and then colored them.
Lia R – This is my Digital Zome Doodle comepleted on Autodesk sketchbook. My zonedoodle has many different parts including clouds, tiger stripes, bricks, and much more. My favorite part was the section with all the small shapes fading from yellow to purple. I liked this because i spent lots of time on it and i love the colors. If i re-did this, i would choose some different patterns.
Emmett K – My favorite part of this artwork is the piano zone that I did. My least favorite is probably the earth one. I would change the zone where I did the blobs with shapes on them. I learned that there is a tool to help make lines smooth and straight and that helped a lot.
I am surprised how the red zone came out too. I hope you like it. : )
Ryan P – My favorite part about my work is the where I blended in with the white lines.
I just did what ever came to mind.
I would change where the purple and black lines are some purple got onto the black
It takes awhile to finish a art project
Nothing really surprised me
I made a zone doodle I just did what ever came to mind I tried to as creative I could.
Mia ML
Liana C – I made this artwork by starting with some doodles, then I used fill color and filled them in!
And it turned out really well, I am very happy with how this did come out!
Tim R



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