Welcome to Mona Lisa Lives Here! The purpose of this blog is to share the goings-on of my middle school art room and sometimes other things. I would like you to feel as if you are a fly on the wall, or for a more artistic reference, a brush in the can or a painting on the rack. I believe the middle school art room is a special place to be and I want to give you a chance to be part of it. Occasionally I will share stories of travel, or my own making, as reflections of my experiences. Enjoy!

My name is Alice Gentili and I teach visual art to about about 500 students each year, but I loop with them for their second year, which makes it easier for all of us. One of our classroom walls holds a collection of Mona Lisas that I have found at flea markets. My students and I go home at the end of every day, but the classroom Monas stay at school. That is why this blog is called “Mona Lisa Lives Here”.

4 comments on “About

  1. Your website is amazing! I teach art at an elementary school in Volusia county , Florida. everything I have seen here, so far, gets me so excited! This is my 32nd year of teaching and I continue to learn so much! Thank you for ALL that you are sharing. You are an amazing person. I would love to meet you someday. Tomorrow, I will share your site with my group of local elementary art teachers on facebook!

  2. It was my son James first day of middle school today and when he came home I asked to see his schedule. When I saw his schedule, I noticed he had art for a specialist class. I said to him I’ll see if we can change that to something else as he’s never been much interested in art. He said, No mom, my art teacher is awesome! I want to stay in art. I’m good at art. Not sure what transpired in art class, but I’m sure excited to meet Ms. Gentili!

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