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Update 2/2021 – I recently retired from my teaching position after 23 years of learning from my middle school students. I am now working part time for Massachusetts College of Art and Design, in the role of Teaching Practicum Program Supervisor, where I guide and assist student teachers throughout the Art Educator certification process. I’m also using my time to develop craft with pottery and watercolor and have established a page called, Rocky Pine Studios, to share my progress and wares. I expect to maintain this blog to share reflections and photographs of my semi-retired life, and I’m wide open as to what I’ll include. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Original “About” information – Welcome to Mona Lisa Lives Here! The purpose of this blog is to share the goings-on of my middle school art room and sometimes other things. I would like you to feel as if you are a fly on the wall, or for a more artistic reference, a brush in the can or a painting on the rack. I believe the middle school art room is a special place to be and I want to give you a chance to be part of it. Occasionally I will share stories of travel, my own art making, or reflections on varied experiences, especially during summer. Enjoy!

My name is Alice Gentili and I teach visual art to about about 500 students each year, but I loop with them for their second year, which makes it easier for all of us. One of our classroom walls holds a collection of Mona Lisas that I have found at flea markets. My students and I go home at the end of every day, but the classroom Monas stay at school. That is why this blog is called “Mona Lisa Lives Here”.

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