So You Missed Open House?

I hope you had a chance to go swimming or sit in an air conditioned movie theater or something. Chances are though, you had a full day and another commitment and I completely understand. Aside from a handshake and some friendly words, I can share everything with you in this post. Here is what you missed:

  • A video review of last year’s projects, art shows, and after school art activities. It will give you a good idea about what you can expect this year:
  • A Welcome to 5/6 Miscoe Art letter from me to you telling you a little about the 5/6 art program. To follow is a link for downloading and an image of the letter:

Welcome to 5/6 Miscoe Art Welcome to 5

Here is the link to my class Facebook page: and to Instagram: @MonaLisaLivesHere

Thank you to everyone who came to Open House last night. It was a sincere pleasure to meet you or see you again. I’m glad we had a chance to shake hands and exchange friendly words. I hope you have a terrific school year!Alice Gentili

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