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Making Mandalas

Compasses, protractors, and rulers…oh my!

Mandalas: Where art and math collide.

As shared in the last post about Sketchbooks, this term we created Mandalas on the covers of our newly made sketchbooks. We used protractors, compasses, rulers, pencils, and markers.

Protractors, Compasses, Rulers

Here is a short video showing how to make them:

Once the Mandalas were underway in my classroom, I showed students this video of Tibetan monks constructing and deconstructing a mandala. This provided a wonderful opportunity to talk about impermanence and to bring in cultural considerations.

I am frankly blown away by the artwork created by my fifth and sixth grade students! Here are many examples (I couldn’t stop!) and you can see all of them on Artsonia here:







One comment on “Making Mandalas

  1. […] To see more student Mandalas that were created on their sketchbooks and to see how we made them, visit this post: https://monalisaliveshere.me/2018/03/08/mandalas/ […]

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