Eleven Months & 334 Drawings Later

Here we are entering the 12th month of the Every Day Drawing Challenge. 334 drawings on the iPad since January 1. I have learned so much about mobile/digital art making, including which apps and stylus works best for me and the best subject matter to work with. I have discovered that I like direct painting with “oils” in ArtRage, yet I also like the softer “watercolor” approach, underpainting then outlining with “pencil”. The Every Day Drawing Challenge has been a great learning experience which may take on a new look during the next month.

My classes and I are so lucky to have been given a 3D printer recently! It is primarily funded through MakerBot (the manufacturer), with the balance being crowd sourced through DonorsChoose (see our campaign here). A fellow art educator and a local contractor contributed the balance. Thank you Laura from Norfolk Middle School and Roger of Boulanger and Sons for helping to fund our 3D printer!

The 3D printer was delivered on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and needless to say, I haven’t even had time to open the box! Along with learning how to use the printer, I expect the even bigger challenge will be in learning the apps to use to create the specs for the 3D printer. I think the Every Day Drawing Challenge will be a good way to experiment with this and learn these apps. I’m not yet sure how to create something that can be shared on Instagram to feed to Twitter and Facebook, but that is one of the objectives for learning the 3D design apps. Anyway, stay tuned and wish me luck!

To follow are November’s Every Day Challenge Drawings. Click on an image to see it enlarged and scroll through as a slide show:

And here is the list of challenges for December:

Microsoft Word - December Every Day Drawing Challenge.docx

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