We Give Thanks…

Thank you notes from the Brownies…

“Give Thanks”, say all these fabulous cards from the sweet girls in Brownie troop 11592 who visited the art room recently to learn about Pottery and earn their pottery badge. I love all the notes and the special messages placed upon them. This is the season of Thanksgiving and today I am thankful for all of our supportive families who pass on traditions and the values inherent in organizations like Scouting to their children. This will serve our community over many years to come. Thank you!

Brownies with clay hands…
Brownies with finished bowls…
IMG_4281 3
Handmade bowls all ready for the kiln…

A couple of the Brownies’ moms sent me photos of the bowls in action!

One little Brownie using her handmade bowl at suppertime...
One little Brownie using her handmade bowl at suppertime…
Here is Laura using her bowl to hold her earrings…
The art room doorway is ready for this holiday season!

Thank YOU, Brownies! Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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