A Half Year of the Every Day Drawing Challenge

A half year finished, a half year to go! Six months, 180 drawings done…WOW!

As I look at this gallery of 30 images, I realize that it is an eclectic group ranging from stained glass to cake! I appreciate the Every Day Drawing Challenge tasks more and more as the year goes by because working from a list causes me to draw things I normally would not draw. Plus, when I see a task that I feel bored about, I have to work hard to think of a way to make it a little more exciting. I love that process!

I’ve been relying on the ArtRage app for the month of June. This is because I was borrowing an iPad from the school as I shattered the screen on mine. Typical “in a hurry” move where I was trying to pack up and get out the door for an appointment, I pulled the iPad quickly off the desk, forgetting that it was plugged in until the cord pulled back. It spun out of my hands and on to the floor. Yes, it was just that quick! Anyway, I didn’t want to load up the loaner with a bunch of apps, so I pretty much used Art Rage all month. It was easy to do. ArtRage is a versatile app that has a great variety of tool options and canvas textures. It’s a great app.

My go-to stylus this month has been the Adonit Jot. I love the precision of the ball point. I lost the plastic disc somewhere, but was able to order some replacements from the Adonit website. This is my favorite stylus. The only negative is the click, click, clicking as you work quickly across the surface of the iPad.

If you want to draw along with me, you can publish your drawings to Instagram and tag #everydaydrawingchallenge or #eddc @monalisaliveshere. You can also post them on my Faceboook page. I would love it if you would join me!

To follow is the gallery of June digital drawings. And after that is the Every Day Drawing Challenge list for July. Happy drawing! Happy half year!


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