Celebrating Youth Art Month 2021

“Whereas, The arts are an essential component of a basic education and are one of the six core subjects as designated in the Massachusetts Education Reform Act of 1993; and…hereby proclaim March to be, Youth Arts Month…”

So reads the second clause of the Massachusetts Proclamation for March to be known as Youth Arts Month. How exciting! While this proclamation is from 2019, I’m happy to say that March of 2021 will also be Youth Art Month. And the Massachusetts Art Education Association is once again sponsoring a Youth Art Month exhibit. Due to the pandemic, this year’s show will be virtual.

Massachusetts Youth Arts Month Proclamation

I just submitted my six entries into the exhibit. It was hard. Over the course of these last two terms, my students have created approximately 1700 art works. Each teacher is permitted to exhibit six pieces. I wish I could have included many more!

Making the challenge even greater is the situation we’re in during this pandemic. Normally, I would have physical artwork to photograph in what I hope is its best light. And then I would have the artists stand with their art so I could take a photo of both of them together. I am teaching remotely this year and there is no physical art being made in the classroom due to Covid-19 prevention protocol. Students have been creating physical art in their sketchbooks at home with the materials in their school-supplied art kits. They also make digital art on iPads while in school. This means the art I see is in photos taken by the students that are uploaded to Google Classroom and Artsonia, our online art gallery.

Fortunately, I have talented kids in my classes, and they made it easy for me. Without further ado, let me present the Miscoe Hill 5&6 Artists for Youth Art Month 2021:

MA Youth Art Month 5&6 Artists 2021

And here’s a closer look at the terrific artwork:

Lia Romano – Summer Memory 2020

Corbin D – The 3D Modeled Birthday Party

Madison D – Every Day Digital Drawing/A Messy Desk

Mihir B – Digital Symmetrical Snowflake

Jack S – Art Kit Cover ZoneDoodle

Maxwell Bennett – Digital ZoneDoodles

These artworks will be on display from March 15 through the end of April in a virtual exhibit with a link to be posted soon. I will share it as soon as it’s ready!

The proclamation at the top of the page continues from “Youth Arts Month” to…”And urge all the citizens of the Commonwealth to take cognizance of this event and participate fittingly in its observance.” I invite you to do just that by congratulating this year’s Youth Art Month artists and viewing the show once it’s posted. I can’t wait!

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