Youth Art Month 2020 5/6 Artists

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” – Michelangelo

It is my pleasure to announce the artworks and artists for this year’s Boston Youth Art Month show!

YAM collage
Top l to r: Brynn DiAnni, Molly Dishington, Connor Downing Bottom l to r: Andrew Brown, Kaycie Gardner, Jayden Lilburn, Ella Martin, Emerson Boissonneault, Owen Kerr

The Massachusetts Art Education Association sponsored Youth Art Month exhibit will be on display from February 10 – March 26 at the MA State Transportation Building, 10 Park Plaza, Boston. Viewing hours are from 9-5 Monday through Friday except Presidents Day. There will be hundreds of artworks from across Massachusetts on display in observation of the nationwide celebration of Youth Art Month.

Here is more information and a closer look at the art:

Brynn ‘s Penguins

Brynn designed this penguin scene as part of the Cardboard Creatures 3D design project. The penguins and igloo were designed in Morphi app on an iPad. They were printed on a New Matter ModT 3D printer and painted with acrylic paint.

Brynn’s Penguins

This is what they look like as models in the slicing app, Astroprint:

And here is how Brynn and her team first created the penguin with cardboard:

Cardboard Penguin

And how Brynn envisioned an environment for them using the Autodesk Sketchbook app:

Molly’s Digital Reimagined Book Cover

Molly created this digital artwork as an extension to the Reimagined Book Cover project. Students were encouraged to translate this project digitally using their choice of either Canva or Vanilla Pen for the graphic design component. They then did some “appsmashing” by creating drawings in Autodesk Sketchbook to import to the graphic design layout. This extension brought the creativity to a new level.

See Molly’s painted Reimagined Book Cover below:

Connor’s Digital Space Scene

First created as a cover for Connor’s sketchbook using oil pastel on purple tag board, he took the design to a digital level with his Digital Space Scene. You can see as you look at the two images, certain components remained while others changed or were added.

Digital Space Scene
Oil Pastel Space Scene Sketchbook Cover

Andrew’s 3D Designed Bird

Andrew designed his 3D model to replicate his group’s Cardboard Creature.

The 3D model was the third phase of the project, to design a model for 3D printing using Morphi app. Phase two was to use the Cardboard Creature as the subject of a video using green screen techniques. The final phase was 3D design superimposed on a photographic environment, which Andrew had no trouble envisioning, as you can see here:

Kaycie, Jayden, Ella, and Emerson’s Cardboard Creature

This group worked well together from sketch through 3D model as they brought to life their vision of the Princess Pig, Carla.

They worked hard to explore attachments beyond the glue gun and their Cardboard Creature (including the tutu) continues to stand strong with their effective solutions.

3D Model
Initial Sketch

Owen’s Reimagined Book Cover

The Reimagined Book Cover project was an opportunity to connect art students with reading and imagination. You can read more about the project here. Owen responded well to reimagining the illustrations for the book with his carefully wrought painting, readily grasping the art of lettering, and using it to emphasize the title while differentiating the sub-title with size.

Should you see any of these artists in school or in the community, please congratulate them on setting their aim high and reaching it with their fine artwork! If you find yourself in Boston during Youth Art Month, stop by and see the show!

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