Art Show at the Miscoe Hill EXPO

The Art Show at the Miscoe Hill EXPO, being held Wednesday night in conjunction with a French class showcase with Mrs. Shilale, and Crossfit in the lower gym with Mr. McInnis.

On this magical evening, the red wing hallway will be illuminated only with luminary lights in decorative vessels prepared by the 5-8 art students. As you continue down the hallway and make a left turn by the district office and go left again, you’ll find artwork on display in the art hallway as well as in my classroom and Mr. Hansen’s classroom.

The artwork in the show is from all three terms thus far. All of the artwork not included in the show due to spacial limitations can always be found in the Miscoe Hill galleries at here.

The Art Show at the Miscoe EXPO is open from 6-8pm. It is a drop-in, not drop-off activity, We are very excited to showcase the Miscoe Hill artwork. Please join us!

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