Miscoe Hill 5/6 Art – Welcome to Term 3!

“Let’s flip this record over and see what’s on the other side.” – Anonymous

This post is for all the families whose children have just begun taking art class in Term 3. This time of year is kind of like the first day of school for specialists who teach half year courses, except there is no open house or any of the fanfare that goes with the first day of school. I don’t want you to feel left out, so here are few items that you may find helpful:

The Welcome to the Art Room Letter:  Welcome to 5/6 Art

This video that shares information about the 5/6 art program including projects, exhibitions, and opportunities: Miscoe Hill 5/6 Art

Lastly, this presentation that officially welcomes students to art class, as told through parodies of Mona Lisa, who I just may have a slight obsession with: Term 3 Oh Mona!

Also, all of this term’s classes have now joined my Google Classroom classes, and all classes have been set up to include guardians in email summaries.


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