What Is Your Least Favorite Color? Sharing On Padlet

Everyone always wants to know, “What is your favorite color?” How many times have you been asked, “What is your least favorite color?” Let’s face it, certain colors annoy us and it’s about time we had a chance to vent.

Antonia P.
Antonia P.

During two subsequent Creativity Sparks (bell ringers) recently, students were asked name a color they strongly dislike (least favorite color) and describe why they don’t like it. The next class they were asked to draw something that is normally their favorite color BUT color it in with their least favorite color.

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Anna F.

While these were two quick exercises, each lasting no more than five minutes each, they make an interesting post on a sharing wall such as Padlet. We had enough posts that I set up two walls for sharing. You can visit them at Favorite/Least Favorite Color and Favorite Color 2.

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You will be amazed at the strong feelings the students have about color!

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Samantha S.

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