Our Hour Of Code

Using their iPads, sixth grade students have experienced computer code writing, thanks to the Hour of Code. Here is the link to the introductory video:

Click on the photo
Click on the photo

Why coding in the art room? Young artists today should be learning the skills and techniques that will help them realize their creative visions throughout their lives. Students today who want to use their art education will likely pursue careers in the Media Arts fields including gaming, web design, media, media literacy, animation and digital imagery. Let’s face it, in the years between where my students are today and when they are college and career ready, many new careers will develop that haven’t even been considered yet. What we know for sure is that technology will definitely be a big part of the future.

Media Arts is a new standard within the National Coalition For Core Arts Standards, which are to be released in the spring of 2014. Within the past 3 years I have changed many of my teaching methods with the use of technology. The inclusion of technology in the art classroom, especially with mobile devices, has turned our art curriculum on its head. And I believe this:

“This is a visionary and forward thinking path for arts education. Artists who get technology, technologists who get art, managers who are creative and creatives who can manage are our future. Fail to include the full spectrum of skills, fail to treat media arts education as anything but a full partner, and get ready to find an explanation even a child can understand about why the rainbow is missing half its colors, and one for business people about why we are losing jobs to more colorful competitors.” – Randy Nelson, Training Director at Dreamworks Animation 

Sixth grade students use iPads to explore the Hour Of Code

The students truly enjoyed their Hour of Code and have saved the link to the home screen of their iPads so that they may try out some of the other activities at home or during free time at school. The site is easy to navigate and has many levels of challenges. There are also code writing activities for classrooms without computers or devices. The last thing I have to share with you today about our Hour of Code is this video of my students working on coding:

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 7.02.18 AM

Can you say 100% engagement? Thank you Hour Of Code!

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