Art Clubs Thriving in Mendon-Upton!

As I was cleaning up after 5/6 Art Club today and my group was walking down the hallway mingling with 7/8 Art Club as they left Mr. Hansen’s room, it struck me that the Art Clubs had just begun as usual at both Memorial and Clough schools as their day starts and ends later than ours. With the realization that this Wednesday after-school activity is common to all three schools, I felt so happy for the kids and also proud of the Mendon-Upton visual art educators. Sigh.

Class Facebook pages have been established by the art educators at each of these schools. Check them out and LIKE them while you are there, as follows:

Miscoe 5/6 – Mrs. Gentili:

Miscoe 7/8 – Mr. Hansen:

Clough – Ms. Kornblum:

Memorial – Miss Grady:

After being fully engaged in loop bracelet making the past two sessions, today the 5/6 Art Club kicked back with watercolors…it was nice and relaxing:


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