Artsonia and International Dot Day

My class lists are pretty much finalized now, so I have uploaded them to Artsonia. Artsonia is an online gallery created for art teachers by art teachers. Please visit the Miscoe Hill gallery at Artsonia to see some of the 1500 images of student work that were uploaded last year.

Now that Artsonia has all of my student’s names, parents will be contacted by email to register their child for an account. Registration is easy as can be if you follow the links in the email. If you need any help at all, contact me and I will help you out. If you choose not to register your child, their work will not be displayed. Artsonia is very sensitive to privacy and will only ever use first names and last initials, never full names. Please contact me with concerns or questions:

This week we have been preparing to celebrate International Dot Day, which is a celebration of creativity based on the book by Peter H. Reynolds. Students created Dot Drawings which will be photographed and uploaded to make a video – similar to this one that we made last year:

Dot Day video

The Dot Drawings will also be uploaded to Artsonia to be the first piece of artwork uploaded for each student this year. Once on Artsonia, links to the artwork can be shared with family and friends and fan clubs may be established.

marker dots

The students are also working collaboratively with a small group to create large Dot Paintings with tempera. These have been very fun and the kids are enjoying working together. I hope to display these in the front lobby on the boards by the auditorium.

paint dots

As you can see, we have not let the searing heat and high humidity hold us back from creating and collaborating. I’ll share more soon. Until then…stay cool!

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