Art After School – Join Enrichment NOW!

Join me after school for two great Enrichment classes this Fall!

Art Club:

Calling all art lovers! This club is open to all students who love art. Most activities will evolve based on the interests of club members. Possibilities include rainbow loom bracelets, clay, murals, origami, Manga, mosaics, outdoor art, marbling, and large art projects that will be enjoyed by the whole school. New members and returning members are welcome!

Grades 5 & 6     Wednesday        Room 317     $50.00

art club

Flat Clay! What Did You Say?

Dig into fall with clay! In this ceramics class we will use clay to craft projects such as mugs, bowls, plaques, boxes and other fun projects. Once glazed and fired you can bring them home to drink from, eat from, and decorate your home.

Grades 5 – 8         Tuesday         Room 317     $50.00


This is the first session of Enrichment for this school year. Contact me with any questions you may have. Registrations are due now. You may find the full Enrichment brochure here:

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