Painting Self Portraits With iPads


Today our fifth grade art students are painting self portraits using the iPad camera and Sketchbook Express. They are learning about layers, color sampling, and opacity…and doing a GREAT job!



  1. Can you recommend a YouTube video or other resource for this? I would love to do with my students!

    • Unfortunately, there is not a video that I know of, but it is easy.
      1.The kids take a self portrait photo with the iPad.
      2. Open Sketchbook Express and upload the photo to a new canvas.
      3. Use the eyedropper tool to sample colors before drawing. Adjust the opacity of the photo layer to 50% before painting.
      4 Add a layer for the large areas of color and paint those first.
      5. Add another layer for the details. You are only allowed 3 layers on Sketchbook Express, so they may want to merge the top 2 layers and add one more for highlights.

      • Hi Alice
        Thanks so much! I have been experimenting with Sketchbook express – I will go off and practice using your tips.

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