Thank You For Coming Out To Celebrate Art At Miscoe Hill!

It was a damp and chilly night two days after losing an hour of sleep to daylight savings time. A night to arrive home after a long day and curl up in a warm house with a cup of tea. But not for Miscoe Hill School families! So many families came out to celebrate art!

What a great turnout!
What a great turnout!

We filled the upper gym with over 1000 pieces of student artwork including drawings, paintings, ceramics, crafts, and digital art. We had an online gallery center where O.G.G.s (online gallery guides) staffed iPads to help visitors access our online artwork at Artsonia, Animoto, and on our Facebook page. Miscoe Hill students were well represented by their artwork.

Of course, one doesn’t attempt a big effort like this without a lot of help. I would like to thank Kathleen Murphy and Barbara Goddard for helping to set up the art show. Barbara also helped to mount and label artwork in the days leading up to the show. I would like to also thank the custodial staff for helping with logistics and clearing the gym for our display.

The show was open for a couple of hours yesterday morning so that classes could walk through. During this time, my students were challenged to draw either a piece of artwork that they admire, or to choose a piece that they felt they could add to and draw the modification.


Drawing in the galleries...
Drawing in the galleries…

Once the show was closed, my third block class helped to pick everything up and wheel it back to the art room. Once there, they helped to take the artwork off the panels. I never knew until yesterday that I have 10 staple removers!

What goes up must come down...
What goes up must come down…

To see more photos of the art show and examples of lessons on display, go to the Mona Lisa Lives Here Facebook page.

All in all, it was a terrific event made possible by many hands. We can’t wait until next year!

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