End of Year Art Clearance

Hello parents/guardians of grades 5 & 6 artists –

As each class has left my room over the past two days, they have taken with them:

  • Art Folders containing artwork from the past two terms
  • Sketchbooks
  • Clay pieces

The clay pieces have been wrapped and hopefully will return home in one piece. In the event there is a crack or break, I recommend this glue: 

Although my cupboards are nearly empty, my head is full with the wonderful memories we have generated this year, and my camera roll is full of photos of students’ creative artwork, such as these photos of the clay projects traveling home today:

Animal faces
Coil pots

Thank you for a terrific school year. My best wishes to the 6th grade students who will have Mr. Hansen for 7th grade art. I’m looking forward to seeing this year’s 5th graders as they return to art for 6th grade. Happy summer!


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