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11th Annual Art In The Valley Art Show

Once again (for the eleventh year in a row!) I am happy to announce that fifteen of my students have had artwork selected for the Art In The Valley Art Show to be held at the Elmwood School in Millbury, MA this weekend. Viewing hours are Friday night from 6pm – 8 pm and Saturday from 10am -12pm.

Top row: Grace Medina, Andrew Holmes, Megan Reilly, Libby Fernald, Linara Miller Middle row: Sierra Sherwin, Olivia Webb, Connor Jason, Brennon Sullivan, Bridget Murphy Bottom row: Katelyn Steele, Sarah Flynn, Caitlin Walsh, Ethan Herron, Mallory Chace

Here is a look at the artwork:

Sierra Sherwin Yarn Painting

Linara Miller Digital Art (Sketchbook Express)

Connor Jason 3D Designed and Printed Game Pieces

Oilvia Webb Weaving

Ethan Herron Digital Art (Sketchbook Express)

Megan Reilly Personified Pinch Pot

Sarah Flynn Slab Clay Sun

Caitlin Walsh Digital Self Portrait (Sketchbook Express)

Brennon Sullivan 3D Designed and Printed Game Pieces

Libby Fernald Family Portrait/Watercolor Pencils

Katelyn Steele Coil Clay Unicorn

Andrew Holmes Initial Art

Mallory Chace Charcoal Still Life

Grace Medina Ebony Pencil Shells

And this is Bridget Murphy’s Sketchbook – rather than simply look at the cover, here is a video sketchbook tour:

If you are in the neighborhood this weekend, stop by and see the show!

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