May #K12ArtChallenge: The BEST of the Every Day Drawing Challenge

I am honored to have been asked by the good folks at #K12ArtChallenge to facilitate the creativity challenge for May! I have enjoyed participating in the monthly challenges over the past year, albeit sporadically to match the ebb and flow of the school year. Two of the experiences stand out – the #TERPart challenge last July, when it was easier to find time to participate, and the #3dArtsed challenge in December. You can see both of those by searching the hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

Because this is May, I’m hoping things are starting to wind down for you in the classroom and you’ll have time to participate. Please remember these daily sketches, in the medium of your choice (even though it says “Draw”), are meant to be quick and fun and certainly not your magnum opus. What I enjoy most about challenges like this is walking around with the prompt in my head all day before putting something together later in the day. I like the focus, I like the distraction, I like the process. 

We invite you to join us with responses to the prompts. Please offer the challenge to your students – these are terrific activities for your early finishers and/or great warm-ups at the start of class. Please post your responses to the prompts to Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags: #k12artchallenge, #eddc, #everydaydrawingchallenge.

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– The Every Day Drawing Challenge is a full year of daily drawing prompts. The list begins with prompts from the inspirational Every Day Matters blog of Danny Gregory: ( ) to which I added my own prompts to round it out to a full year.

– In order to better learn how to paint and draw on my iPad, I followed the prompts to sketch and publish all 365 days in 2013. You can see the full year of iPad drawings at

– The list that follows is just a sampling of just 31 prompts selected from the 365 to create a list for the month of May 2016. Follow along to create a sketch, photograph, digital drawing or work in any medium each day for one month. When you post your work please use the hashtags: #eddc #everydaydrawingchallenge and #k12artchallenge. Let’s do this! Happy drawing!

May 1      #23         Draw your foot

May 2     #28         Draw an appliance

May 3     #49         Draw your refrigerator interior or exterior

May 4     #53         Draw a mouth

May 5     #60         Draw an automobile or a part of one

May 6     #64         Draw your sink – at home, work or wherever

May 7     #65          Draw your nose, a friend’s or a stranger’s. Or a pet’s.

May 8     #67          Draw something Mom

May 9     #75          Draw the ingredients and/or process of a favorite recipe

May 10   #80          Draw something that makes you happy

May 11    #83          Draw a nearby body of water – ocean, lake, pond, river

May 12   #129         Draw people doing something

May 13   #137         Draw something you turn on and off

May 14   #146         Draw a favorite food

May 15   #164         Draw a camera

May 16   #176         Draw something summer

May 17   #179         Draw an onion

May 18   #184        Draw a park bench or other outside bench

May 19   #199        Draw a toe

May 20  #207        Draw a shell

May 21   #215         Draw your thumb

May 22   #226        Draw a screw

May 23   #246        Draw some gloves

May 24   #253        Draw your socks

May 25   #283        Draw something shiny

May 26   #295        Draw some toast

May 27   #314         Draw something with a knob

May 28   #343        Draw a bridge

May 29   #348        Draw some things that remind you of your favorite song

May 30  #349         Draw an illustration of your favorite poem

May 31   #355         Draw something in a jar

Here is a link to the May prompts to share as a PDF with students or friends:

For the full list of Every Day Drawing Challenge prompts, click on the image:

Click on the image for the full list of 365 drawing prompts

Mona Lisa Lives Here/Alice Gentili/@MonaLisaLvsHere 5/1/16


  1. One idea I have seen done with this exercise was that they did specify the drawing medium so that on Mondays for example they used lead pencil Tuesday- texta pens , Wednesday black sharpies , Thursday- coloured pencils and Friday biro or ball point that each child developed competency in each of those medium.

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