MiscoeMakerCrew #2


Just a quick post to share the work of this year’s MiscoeMakerCrew. We had been waiting for the roll-out of iPads to the fifth grade students, but as that still has not happened, we have found a work-around. We are using Tinkered on PCs in the computer lab to design 3D models. While this is a departure for the MiscoeMakerCrew as we had been using 123D Design on iPads in the past, Tinkercad works just as well, and is easier in some ways than 123D design. We are hoping the iPads will be deployed within the next week, but until then, we will continue to use the PCs. Thank you to Mrs. Wernig for graciously sharing her classroom and computers with us. Here is our page on the Tinkered website. As you can see, we have begun the castle design project:
Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 6.41.16 AM

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