Awesome Autumn Enrichment Offerings In Art!

It is not too late to sign up for Enrichment classes at Miscoe Hill. I’m pretty excited to be offering two classes:


Flat Clay! What Did You Say? will run on Tuesdays. Could you use an extra hand or do you just like to work with clay? If so, this clay class is for you. We’ll make clay hands, bowls, mugs, and SO MUCH MORE. The Enrichment registration form was sent home via Miscoe Hill News Brief on Monday and it will go out again next Monday. The Enrichment Form is right here: 

Enrichment Session One


art club

The other class is 5/6 Art Club, which meets on Wednesdays after school. Calling all ART Lovers! You will love Art Club because we get to try new and different activities including clay, painting, weaving, building with popsicle sticks and hot melt glue, plus about a zillion more! Come hang with your artists friends and put a little creativity in your Wednesdays! The registration form is right here: 

Enrichment Session One


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