An Ostentation Of Peacocks…Or Is It A Muster Of Peacocks?

Whatever the collective noun for a group of peacocks is, we have created one of them in the artroom using iPads. The students followed a guided drawing lesson (I drew then they drew) to create a peacock feather in fifth grade and a peacock in sixth grade. I drew on my iPad that was connected to the projector through the PC on my desk, while students followed along on iPads at their tables using the Sketchbook Express app. It is so much more effective to do a guided drawing lesson this way rather than on a whiteboard or easel because everyone can see the screen at all times.

This lesson introduced important concepts in digital artmaking including layers, color sampling, and opacity. Once students finished the guided drawing, they started over making a peacock or feather of their own design and color combination. Some of the finished work is shown below. To see the whole ostentation, check out our Artsonia galleries:

Peacock feathers:



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