Two Months of the Every Day Matters Challenge

Here we are, two months in to the Every Day Matters Challenge – 2/12 of the way! During the month of February alone we have created over 148 drawings for the challenge. That’s amazing! Since January 1, we have created over 323 drawings. That’s super amazing!

All of the drawings can be found on the Mona Lisa Lives Here Facebook page, where they are grouped by week. Some week’s albums are small, especially last week during school vacation. Some weeks have many drawings, especially those days when we used iPads in class to make the drawings. Here are links to the February albums:

Every Day Matters Weeks 5 & 6

Every Day Matters Week 7

Every Day Matters Weeks 8 & 9

I am happy to share the drawings I made on my iPad throughout February. The apps I used to draw them are listed under the day’s challenge. Here they are with their captions from the original Instagram posts:

And look! Here is the challenge sheet for March:

March Every Day Matters Challenge

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