My Wish Came True!!!!!

WOW!!!! We were just given an IPEVO Point 2 View USB Document Camera! Given = For Free! A week ago I submitted a wish story to Wishpool and my wish came true! My wish story:

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 6.44.50 AM

Hi, this is Mrs. Gentili, asking for the IPEVO Point 2 View Document Camera to help my middle school art students learn. Art is my subject, discipline, and passion. I have been teaching for 15 years and have had the pleasure of embracing technology since day one. Technology has become an integral part of my own art making, and is now becoming a vital part of my curriculum as I help my students learn 21st century skills. This is why I need the IPEVO Point 2 View Document Camera in our art room and to follow is how I expect to use it.

I need this amazing device to project demos on the big screen in the classroom. There are 35 students in most of my classes. Gathering them around a demo table is tricky. Imagine showing 35 students how to score and slip to piece together clay slabs, for instance, when they (of varying heights) are 4 deep around a 4 x 8 table. Not effective!

I need this high tech device to show my students how to navigate apps on the iPad. At this time, I connect my iPad with the VGA cable which projects the iPad screen to show the effects of my actions only. The kids can’t see my fingers and the icons or controls that I am clicking. They also can’t see the motions of sliding, swiping, or pinching as apps are manipulated. Not effective!

I need this easy-to-use device to enable the students to create smooth-not-shaky videos as they thumb through completed sketchbooks or to create flip-book videos or to create stop motion videos. An example of a shaky sketchbook thumb-through that was made with a hand held smartphone can be found here:
We still love the video, but it could be a lot better. Hand held smartphone = Not Effective!

I need this perfect device to record and/or project student work completed or ongoing on the iPad. For the new year, the kids made “Happy New Year” signs with a drawing app that allows you to play back your drawing step-by-step. In doing so, videos are made, but cannot be saved to the iPad. I used my iPad to film the videos as they played on the student iPad. You can see the final video here:

It’s a fun video and the sentiment is there, but hand held iPad = Not Effective!

I hope I have expressed how much I NEED the IPEVO Point 2 View Document Camera. I really need it. The reason I am asking for two is to give one to my colleague. If he has one also, maybe he and I or his kids and my kids can do some collaborating. After all, collaboration = EFFECTIVE!


Here is the email I received this morning. I was so excited I almost dropped my laptop. I am so excited to receive this!

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 6.19.18 AM

I know I said in my last post that the next post would be about our recent clay work….but I had to share this!


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