Good News

I am putting together a fairly large post on the clay work we have been doing which I hope to post tomorrow, so this is just a short post with good news.

As you know, we have a busy school gallery on Artsonia. When I first opened the account, I was challenged to upload 200 student works by the end of October. Well I met the challenge, and my efforts were rewarded with a gift certificate to Dick Blick Art Supplies. I’ve been sitting on it for a little while, trying to discern the best way to spend it. After working with markers a lot last week for the first two Every Day Matters challenge tasks, I realized that we had a dire need for black markers and a moderate need for yellow markers. The rest of the colors were all well stocked. I ordered 5 dozen black markers and one dozen yellow markers….and just like that the $35 gift certificate was gone. Just like that!


We have been accumulating money at Artsonia through parent purchases of their child’s artwork imprinted on various items. At this time we have over $200 to spend. I am planning to use this money to buy a class set of styluses (styli?) to use with the iPads. I am looking for the most bang for my buck – durable, effective, fairly hard and not too squishy. I use a Boxwave stylus (and my Sensubrush), but they are a bit expensive. If you can recommend a stylus that works well and will hold up to use by many eager yet not always gentle hands, please share it with me!

The other good news I have to share is that I HAVE A VOLUNTEER! One marvelous mom has begun coming in to mount work for the art show, which will be held on March 12. There are hundreds of pieces to be mounted as well as hundreds of clay pieces to be labeled, so if you have some free time and you would like to help us, please contact me via school email.

I will see you soon, and the topic will be CLAY!

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