6th Grade Art On Artsonia!

Another batch of art has been posted to Artsonia! The new exhibit, “Sequencing Illustrations“, is a display of wonderful work that offers a glimpse into the the everyday lives of the kids. Sixth grade students used watercolor pencils to create illustrations showing the sequence of events of a routine or activity that they know well.


We began with one of Miscoe Hill’s graphic organizers which helps to plan out the sequence of events. Instead of writing, students made thumbnail sketches.


Using the thumbnails for reference, students sketched out the illustrations on larger paper and then followed up with watercolor pencils. They did a great job!

Canvas Painting by Maddie A.
Drawing a Unicorn by Jaclyn L.
How to Put a Feather in Your Hair by Julia B.
Putting a Martial Arts Uniform On by Nick O.
My Morning Routine by Cole L.
How to Eat a Gummy Bear by Zach M.
How to Make a Mug by Michelle G.
How to Make a Hotdog by Mike A.

All of these artworks have been published to our online gallery at Artsonia! Here is the link to our gallery: http://www.artsonia.com/schools/school.asp?id=66276

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