Ladies and Gentlemen: Shea T.’s Dot Journal

While walking around the room during a class today, I noticed that Shea T. not only had the one required sketchbook with her, but another.  When I asked her about it, she said, “Oh, that’s not a sketchbook, that’s my Dot Journal.” Of course I was curious and asked her to show me. She explained that she uses “smelly” (flavored Mr. Sketch) markers to draw different dots on each page.

As we know in art, those artists who sustain a singular focus on a one subject create a body of work that is enriched because when we look at the art, we don’t see single pieces, rather each is a part of the whole. Think: Warhol’s soup cans, Monet’s haystacks, Rothenberg’s horses, etc. That’s how I feel about Shea’s Dot Journal. Each time she creates a dot drawing, she digs deeper into the concept of “dot”. Each additonal dot she makes is in one way or another shaped by the dot that came before it. So the Dot Journal represents the development and progression of her thinking about the concept of “dot”. Here is the Dot Journal:

Shea's Dot Journal
Click on the photo to see the video…


Keep up the great work, Shea!

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