Haiti Earthquake Relief Update – November

We are grateful to all who have supported our fundraising efforts to date – whether through direct donation, the dinner event, and by purchasing raffle tickets, t-shirts, and stickers. We will continue to work on this ongoing campaign throughout the winter, so please stay tuned as we release information on future events.

Here, also, is a message of gratitude from Father Joseph Didier, pastor of St. Anne Parish in Haiti:

While we’re sharing this update on our Haiti Earthquake Relief campaign, I’d like to share the gallery below of photos taken at the Haiti Dinner on September 8. We had a wonderful time sharing a delicious Haitian meal prepared by the Haiti committee, especially Verienne Emile and her family. The meal featured chicken, rice and beans, rice and vegetables, macaroni and cheese, salad, cake, and labouyi, which is a sweet corn pudding. Beverages included a variety of soft drinks, seltzer, and bottled water donated by Polar Beverage and Prestige beer (Haitian) and wine donated by Atlas Distributing, Inc.

Se pou Bondye beni ak proteje tout pep Ayisyen

(May God bless and protect the people of Haiti)

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