Rocky Pine Potters

β€œAlmost all creativity requires purposeful play.” – Abraham Maslow                                                                                                            

For the last few summers I’ve enjoyed working with clay in the pottery studio/woodworking shop in our backyard. I’ve explored wheel throwing and hand-building and on most of the pieces have incorporated imprints from clay stamps I’ve designed and 3D printed. During the cooler months I’ve glazed the work and as of the end of September, everything has been fired. The next logical phase of this “purposeful play” is to put the pieces up for sale, beginning with a local craft fair. See the photos below for examples of my work and visit this page to see works by category. Details about the craft fair follow the photos.

Here are the details for the Upton Bloomer Girls Craft Fair on Saturday, November 6, from 9-3:

For those who are local to central Massachusetts, I hope to see you at the craft fair. Stay tuned to this page for opportunities to purchase my pottery online. Thank you for your support!

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