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The Haiti Posts: A Directory

Dlo pa janbe trou./Water does not cross over holes. It must first fill the hole, before it can move on. – Haitian Proverb

Here is a directory of the six posts I’ve shared about the recent trip to Haiti by our small delegation of travelers from the St. Gabriel the Archangel parish:

The first is a reflection on past trips to prepare for this recent trip: https://monalisaliveshere.me/2018/01/25/i-dont-always-wear-my-heart-on-my-sleeve-but-when-i-do-its-in-haiti/
The next, post 1/5, is an overview of the recent trip and it can be found here: https://monalisaliveshere.me/2018/02/05/st-gabriel-trip-to-haiti-2018-one-five
Post 3/5 is about the clinic at St. Anne, and it can be found here: https://monalisaliveshere.me/2018/02/07/a-stone-in-the-sun-st-gabriel-trip-to-haiti-2018-three-five/
Post 4/5 is about the St. Anne church and chapels and it can be found here: https://monalisaliveshere.me/2018/02/12/lets-enter-in-his-sacred-house-st-gabriel-trip-to-haiti-2018-four-five/
Lastly, the final post 5/5 is about the moments in between, and it can be found here: https://monalisaliveshere.me/2018/02/20/pale-angle-not-yet-st-gabriel-trip-to-haiti-2018-five-five/
Another post – this the St. Gabriel Haiti Ministry Report to the Parish on the Twinning Relationship with St. Anne Parish: https://monalisaliveshere.me/2018/05/06/haiti-ministry-report-to-parish-5-6-2018/
Please feel free to share these posts with anyone you think may be interested. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful in learning more about our twin parish and our contributions there, as well as the experience of our trip. Please feel free to reach out with questions or your own stories. Mèsi!

One comment on “The Haiti Posts: A Directory

  1. This was amazing…I loved it! Is it possible to direct parishionners here thru info in the bulletin ? 🙂 Simone

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