Back-To-School: Day Two

Day two is already over so we must really be back at school! It is great to see the kids again and to meet all the new fifth graders. So far everything has been running smoothly and going according to plan. The heat and humidity have been a challenge. Hopefully we’ll all enjoy continued summer weather through the long weekend and then it will cool down a little and feel a bit more like fall when we are back at school next week.

We had our first fire drill today.  It was a fifth grade class, brand new to the school, who had to follow the procedures through the drill. They did a great job! It is probably helpful that the alarm is so loud it motivates us to get out of the building quickly!

Speaking of the building, both of the Miscoe Hill art rooms are looking spiffy and professional with the addition of our new tables. My old tables were so light and rickety, they would slide around at the slightest nudge. I would prop 4 together to help stabilize them, yet at least one would buckle to the ground every year. We are so very excited to have big, stable, durable, black topped tables in the art room now! When you see our principal, Mrs. Meyer, please thank her for buying them for us!

Please thank Mrs. Meyer for our brand new tables!
Please thank Mrs. Meyer for our brand new tables!

I have seen all but two of my 9 classes over the past 2 days. In class, we have gone over the introductory letter that I sent home with the kids. If for some reason the letter didn’t arrive safely at your home, it is in this blog on the “Art Class” page. Here is a link: Art Class Letter . One of the most important items on the letter is the paragraph about sketchbooks. Please read that and contact me with questions.

All classes that have met over the past two days have seen my “Welcome Back” Prezi called Oh Mona. Mona Lisa is pretty much our class mascot. If you don’t yet know this about me, I’m crazy about Mona Lisa and the many parodies of this painting by Da Vinci. I am happy to share the Prezi with you here. Once you click on the photo to open the link, simply click the right hand button at the bottom to cruise through the slides.

Oh Mona!
Oh Mona!

Expect an email from me next week introducing Artsonia. Parents of 6th grade students: Your child’s page is still active and I will simply update it to a new class. You should not have to do a thing. Of course, if your email has changed, you should notify Artsonia of the change.

Speaking of next week, Miscoe Hill Open House for fifth and sixth grade is next Wednesday, September 4. Please come see me in the art room between 6:45 and 7:15. I will be happy to show you around the room and introduce you to the program. I look forward to seeing you!



  1. Great Prezi! I’ve seen some of the images, but not all, and the way you put them together is great for back to school. That greasy burger art video at the end is a hoot…I bet the students loved that one! Nice tables, too!

  2. I loved the Mona Prezi. It was very funny and creative. I look forward to having you for the rest of the semester.
    -Owen Brigham

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