Four Months of the Every Day Drawing Challenge!

Another month has gone by and that means another 30 drawings for the Every Day Drawing Challenge! Tomorrow will be the 120th drawing completed for this challenge, and that is amazing to me!

Reflecting on the month of April and the drawings in this gallery, I have to say that although I try to keep the drawings light enough for the middle school audience, certain events such as the ponderance of Easter or the violence at the Boston marathon have caused them to appear more dark, with serious thought and deep feeling behind them. Honestly, this was a tough month.

Along with the time spent drawing, I spend a lot of time thinking about the drawings. I often go to bed thinking about the next day’s drawing task, considering it then and once again when I wake up in the morning. Some tasks are easy and ideas come quickly, while others take a little longer. Sometimes I am completely unmotivated by the task and to become motivated I try to think of different perspectives or interpretations. Quite often the phrase, “Art imitates life” runs through my head. I do my best thinking when drawing.

As with last month, some of the drawings are just quick sketches, while others have taken hours to complete. Each day I grow more familiar with painting on the iPad, and my favorite apps continue to be ArtRage, ProCreate, Brushes, and Sketchbook Express. I keep planning to try out new apps, yet I have barely scratched the surface of the four named above. Each time I think I’m going to switch, I think of another tool or effect within one of the apps that I would like to try out. If you know of any good drawing apps, please send me your recommendation!

My students have also been drawing for the challenge, and their work may be seen on our class Facebook page in various albums there which are grouped by weeks within the challenge: The Instagram Photos album contains all of my Every Day Drawing Challenge drawings since the beginning on January 1, plus a few random photos:

Here are this month’s drawings. If you click on a photo, you can view the gallery as a slideshow and still read the captions.

Tomorrow is May 1st and I will release the new list as early as I can. Tomorrow’s challenge is to Draw a Flashlight…!

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