Too Many Snowflakes

From the Newtown Bee, Newtown, CT:

A Blizzard Of Support: Too Many Snowflakes

The response to an initiative by Newtown PTAs and the Connecticut PTA to create snowflakes to decorate the Chalk Hill School in Monroe, where Sandy Hook Elementary School students will return to school after the holiday break, has created a blizzard. So many snowflakes have been delivered to Connecticut, from all over the nation, that the PTA is now pleading for school children and others to please stop creating and sending the winter icons.

“There is a semi-tractor trailer truck parked in Hamden [where the Connecticut PTA is located] to store all of the snowflakes ,” said Middle Gate PTA President Kelley Mozelak, “and it’s full.”

The original idea had been to find a way to give children a way to support the children of Sandy Hook School and to help decorate the hallways of the new school, Ms Mozelak said. The local and state PTAs are extremely grateful for the participation, she said, and look forward toward a day in January when they will be able to decorate Chalk Hill School with the many snowflakes they have received.

So, it looks like we won’t be making snowflakes for Sandy Hook after all. What a wonderful response from schools across the United States!

Art Club snowflakes 12/5
Art Club snowflakes 12/5

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