Quote of the Week (3) “So You Want to Be Epic?”

More often than not, the flow of the art class begins with an introduction of some sort, whether an image gallery, a discussion, or a demonstration, which is followed by process time when the students work on their projects. Once the students are engaged in their work, they chat at their tables. I walk around, looking over shoulders, checking in here and there. Occasionally I hear something amongst the chatter that stops me midstep, one foot hovering in the air as my mind captures what I’ve just heard. This week it was a sixth grade boy, who challenged his tablemate: “So, you want to be epic?” and after a perfectly timed pause, “First you must acquire a taste for free-form jazz…”

Sixth grade! Oh, how I love a good laugh in the middle of the day!

Painting with water with the Art Club 4/2012

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