More Than Just A Buncha Dots…

For the next few days we will be joining 500,000 art educators and their students nationwide in celebrating International Dot Day in the 5/6 art room: In his book, The Dot, author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds ( ) encourages us to “make a mark and see where it takes you”.  In my classroom, International Dot day coincides with the first project in the students’ sketchbooks (art journals). Using markers, students are making an initial mark on the first blank page and then filling the page with dots of all sizes, as well as layered dots, intersecting dots, dots inside of dots (you get the picture). Once the page is filled, students will add a “swirly gold frame”, just like the one Vashti’s teacher gave her. And just like Vashti, the artwork will be exhibited on our classroom blog for all to see. Stay tuned!

If you are in the Boston area on Saturday, 9/15, you may want to join the International Dot Day celebration outside the Boston Children’s Museum at 11:00am:

Here are some works in progress:







Happy International Dot Day to you!

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