Rocky Pine Studios 2023

Here it is August and after a winter of painting and late spring into summer of making pottery, we have a lot to share! To see the pottery and paintings I’ve been making, check out the Rocky Pine Studios page on this site. We are looking forward to vending at artisan and farmers markets starting on August 27! Here is the schedule of upcoming dates and locations:

Something hugely exciting is the new studio which is under construction and expected to be finished by early October. I am more than excited to be able to make pottery throughout the winter in this new climate controlled space!

Me on the stairs to the old studio surveying the new studio under construction


  1. Love seeing your work, and learning about the construction! David and I walked to School St yesterday and passed your house and saw the foundation and start! We wondered what you were creating!

    Sounds like you are having a creative and full summer.

    Best to you always,

  2. […] Rocky Pine Studios will be vending at the Hopkinton Farmers Market on the common (where the marathon starts) this coming Sunday 9/17 from 1-5. We’ll have lots of spoon rests, berry bowls, sponge holders, and snackers and charcuterie servers of all sizes to complement the fresh produce and artisanal breads on sale. We’ll also have mugs, plates, bowls, and ornaments. Come on over to Hopkinton and say hi to Dick and me! […]

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