Reflection – 31 Days of the #K12ArtChallenge

Hello and happy summer –

Here it is the last day of July, which means it’s the last day of the Twitter #K12ArtChallenge hosted by Tim Needles at The Everyday Renaissance @timneedles along with Arlene Shelton @smARTisteacher. Each day has been a different theme and Tim has shared out highlights the next day. The prompts have been interesting and sometimes truly challenging. Here are my contributions:

July 1: Where are you? – Celebrating summer with the neighbors:

Tools – iPhone camera and Photoshop

7.1 Where are you?

July 2: Gold – Our alpaca, Andy Warhol, is always gold in his own mind

Tools: iPhone camera and Rhonna’s Designs app

7.2 Gold

July 3: Transit – Natural Gas In Transit

Tools: iPhone camera and PicPlayPost app

July 4: The Americans – The Old Stone Church in West Boylston, MA

Tools: iPhone camera

7.4 The Americans

July 5: Sun-Day – Our gate collaboration (Mr. G & me):

Tools: iPhone camera and PopAGraph app

July 6: Dream – Portrait of Frida’s Fictional Dream of Peacocks

Tools: Sketchbook Express app and Sensu Brush stylus

7.6 Dream

July 7: Music -“I’ve Got the Music in Me” by Judy the Goat and Kiki Dee

Tools: iPhone camera and ChatterPix app

July 8: Belle Fiore – These Beautiful Flowers all blooming in my yard/home:

Tools: Nikon D50 camera and Animoto

July 9: Black and White – Yucca blossoms reaching toward the light

Tools: iPhone camera and Photoshop

7.9 Black & white

July 10: Fly – Photo of one of our doves taken w/long exposure

Tools: Nikon D50 and Photoshop

7.10 Fly

July 11: Street – Beach Street, Narragansett, RI

Tools: iPhone camera and Waterlogue App

7.11 Street

July 12: Antique – antique 1950s watercolor tin painted with antique 1950s watercolors

Tools: Watercolor paints

7.12 Antique

July 13: Words – Do you know what this #blackoutpoetry is about? I have clues, but try without them (answer – Paul Revere’s ride and the lantern at the Old North Church)

Tools: Sharpie on Yankee Magazine

7.13 Words

July 14: Water – Tricia Fuglestad showed me how to use Green Screen and we made this movie at the NAEA conference in San Diego in 2014

Tools: iPad, Green Screen app by DoInk, caffeine 😊)

July 15: Tweet – can’t live w/out my #artsedpln (professional learning network)

Tools: Tagzedo online and Photoshop

7.15 Tweet

July 16: Tryptich I – Polarized peacock

Tools: Nikon D50 camera and Photoshop

7.16 Tryptich1

July 17: Tryptich II – Polarized peacock 2

Tools: Nikon D50 camera and Photoshop

7.17 Tryptich 2

July 18: Tryptich III – Polarized peacock 3

Tools: Nikon D50 camera and Photoshop

7.18 Tryptich 3

July 19: Animal – Andy Warhol the Alpaca in B&W

Tools: Nikon D50 camera and Photoshop

7.19 Animal

July 20: Location – Cambridge, MA @ oldest college in US @ this location since 1636

Tools: iPhone camera and Instagram filters

7.20 Location

July 21: Jazz – Jackson Pollock No.2 jazzed w/purple liberties taken @ Harvard Art Museums

Tools: iPhone camera and Photoshop

7.21 Jazz

July 22: Doodle – a section of today’s #SketchNotes (cross between doodling & note taking)

Tools: iPad, Adobe Sketch app, Adonit Jot stylus

7.22 Doodle

July 23: Wander -“I know not how I may seem to others, but to myself I am but a small child wandering upon the vast shores of knowledge, every now and then finding a small, bright pebble to content myself with.” – Plato

Tools: iPhone camera and Instagram filters

7.23 Wander

July 24: Folk -While I love the city and the intellectual stimulation it provides, after a full week there I’m happy to be home and ‘just folks’ at home on our little farm…

Tools: iPhone camera and Instagram filters

7.24 Folk

July 25: Earth – eARTh without ART is just “eh”…

Tools: iPad, AdobeSketch app, Adonit Jot stylus

7.25 Earth

July 26: People –

Driving in on this highway
All these cars and upon the sidewalk
People in every direction
No words exchanged
No time to exchange

Tools: iPhone camera,iPad, AdobeSketch app. Adonit Jot stylus, Instagram filters

7.26 People

July 27: Sleep –

Sleep pretty darling
Do not cry
And I will sing a lullabye…

Tools: Artrage app, Adonit Jot stylus

7.27 Sleep

July 28: Artist Trading Cards -I would trade the card but not the peacock (Pavone)…

Tools: ArtRage app. Adonit Jot stylus

7.28 Artist Trading Cards

July 29: Fear – My greatest fear is of losing a loved one

Tools: ArtRage app and Adonit Jot stylus

7.29 Fear

July 30: The End – The end is really just the beginning – pier in Truro, MA

Tools; ArtRage app and Adonis Jot stylus

7.30 The End

July 31: Reflection – I found out that I love walking around with the theme in my head throughout the day. It entertains me as I go about my business as the little undercurrent is always there to see if connections to the theme exist. At the end of the day I would usually start creating something, not really having a plan or knowing where it would end up. At first I created videos with different apps, sometimes I took photos and “doctored them up” with Photoshop or an app. Gradually I began using my iPad to draw or doodle. In the end, I employed several mediums to complete a daily task and I was able to publish every day. I love looking back at this as a body of work. If nothing else, it marks my year and documents my comings and goings. At best, there are some expressive moments, times when my thoughts and memories are right out there in the art. Any way, all in all, I loved the chance to be creative each and every day. Thank you, Tim Needles and Arlene for this very fun daily challenge!


  1. Alice, Can I paint your July 19th Triptych? I love the way you laid that out and am doing a watercolor challenge that requires a border. I would credit you for the photo if you don’t mind me using it????

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