Loop Bracelets

We made loop bracelets in Art Club today! But we made the looms first. Last week when Art Club met for the first time this year, the most requested activity was loop bracelets. As you know, Rainbow Looms are $16 each, and as you can imagine, that’s just not in the budget for this Enrichment class. With a little Yankee ingenuity coupled with some Yankee frugality, I was able to come up with an alternative. And it works!


That’s right, a margarine tub (or other plastic container with cover), 2 pushpins, 2 pencil top erasers, a crochet hook and loops. The plastic tubs serves both as a loom and a container to hold the loops.

These are the basic supplies, plus a plastic container and loops…
We cut the pencil part off of the erasers and stuck the push pins in to keep from poking ourselves…

Our resident loop bracelet expert, Mikki, showed the club how to make the bracelets:

loop12Β And then we made them:

loop5loop2loop8loop3loop6Thank you, Mikki, for showing us!

Mikki and Rory made a time-lapse video today to show the steps to making a loop bracelet on a home-made loom:

Click on the photo to see the video...
Click on the photo to see the video…


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