HELLO My Name Is:

So I was given this spectacular blue monster at the Massachusetts Art Educators Association conference a couple of weeks ago. I brought him into school as another mascot for the art room. I had just planned to hang him somewhere so he could keep us company. But the children demanded more. “What’s his name? What’s his name?” I was asked over and over again. My usual reply was “I don’t know, but how do you know it is a ‘he’?” (I was genuinely curious).  After just half a day of this, I decided we would vote on a name.

The name suggestions were placed in a box:

I narrowed the suggestions down to 10 choices and all 9 classes voted. Interestingly, each class voted for a different name.

The votes were tallied:

And a name was chosen:

“Hello, my name is Gizmo!”

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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