Enrichment Registration Ends On Friday!

I am wicked excited to be offering 3 Enrichment classes for session two…:

Art Club 5 & 6 – Calling all art lovers! This club is open to all students who love art. Most activities will evolve based on the interests of club members. Possibilities include clay, murals, origami, Manga, mosaics, painting, marbling, and large art projects that will be enjoyed by the whole school. Art club will be offered every session of enrichment, but the activities are different each time. Grades 5 & 6 – Wednesday – $45.00

Bowl Me Over With Clay! – This clay class will focus on all the amazing possibilities of making bowls with clay. Using various clay techniques including coil, drape, and blob (yes, blob!), we will create bowls that you can actually use for your soup, cereal, or ICE CREAM! We will glaze the clay and fire it in our kiln for fabulous finished products. This class is open to all students, no clay experience necessary. Grades 5 – 8 Tuesday – $45.00

iPads: Beyond Angry Birds – The iPad is fast becoming a most innovative and dynamic tool in education and entertainment for ages 1 – 99. In this class we will get to know the iPad through photography, videos, slideshows and other presentations. Whether new to the iPad or an experienced user, you will enjoy this class as we go beyond Angry Birds and learn that no matter what one wants to do or learn, there’s an app for that! iPads will be supplied for this class. Grades 5&6 – Thursday – $45.00

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