Thank You For Your Donation!

Here is a photo of a new(ish) shelf unit that was donated to the art room by the Urban Missionaries of Worcester! The Urban Missionaries recently moved into a new building that had been a building supply store and warehouse. This shelf unit was left behind and had been used as a rack for glass. Imagine it on its side with vertical slots…that’s what it looked like. We detached the base, removed one side wall, then another, flipped it on its side and reattached the walls. Mr. G. also put strapping along the front of each shelf to help prevent warping.  (I say “we” – it was my vision, Mr. G.’s toil !) I LOVE IT!

We put it in place yesterday and I will paint it over the summer. It will be used to store the large papers and boards that have previously been awkward and cumbersome to store.  Thank you, Urban Missionaries, for your donation! Thank you, Mr. G. for your excellent work!

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