Prior Knowledge

At the end of every class I check each table to make sure all the supplies are in order for the next class. At one table last week I came upon these two boxes of colored pencils. All of the warm colors were in one box and the cool colors were in the other box, which was not the way they were when I put them out. I had put two boxes of colored pencils on each table with a full array of colors in each so that both ends of the table had a complete set. Somehow, during the course of the class, the pencils had been rearranged. This was a fifth grade class and having just started the year together, I know we hadn’t talked about warm and cool colors yet. I was impressed! As a little experiment, I left the pencils this way and am watching to see what happens in the other classes. Also, I love how they resolved the dilemma of not having a third box for the neutrals by placing the white with the colors of the sun (light) and the brown and black with the colors of the sea… 🙂

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