Top Ten List of Favorite Art Inspiration Images…

This is going to be a rather unusual blog post. According to the title, it is a list of my top ten favorite art inspiration images. Which I agree with, but would like to add the qualifier…for now. There will be another that pops up on Facebook or Pinterest or in some magnificent art blog tomorrow. But let’s live for today.

These images don’t need captions (they speak for themselves). Instead I am going to place the link to the url where I found each of them as the caption. Some are photos on flickr, some were pinned on Pinterest, others were from products that are for sale on or another online shop. If you like them, by all means, please patronize the artists! Okay, here we go – I hope there is something for everyone:









2. [caption id="attachment_175" align="aligncenter" width="560"] a description…


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