Art Trip to Brooklyn

As you know, I love art. I also love summer because I get to go on road trips to look at art…I call them art trips. My most recent art trip was to Brooklyn, NY. Our first stop was at The Art House Co-op to visit the Brooklyn Art Library to see the sketchbooks from The Sketchbook Project. At the library, we poured through sketchbook after sketchbook, looking at the many creative ways the artists filled them. It was 97 degrees outside and we enjoyed this quiet yet stimulating time in the cool library.

Our next stop was at the Brooklyn Museum to see the Keith Haring exhibit and visit the Judy Chicago installation, The Dinner Party. It was exciting to see Keith Haring’s work in a museum, as he is known for his street art. The Haring exhibit was very crowded, but enjoyable just the same.The Dinner Party is an art installation that was being created while I was in college at MassArt in the late 1970’s. It is very special to me because at MassArt, we were constantly kept abreast of the new developments and stages of creation for the piece. This is the second time I’ve seen it and I still got chills.

Our last visit on this art trip was to the David Ellis mural on the Pearl Street triangle in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn. The first photo I am sharing here is of the man’s face in the mural, close up, from my perspective on the street. The second is from an article in Juxtapoz. It was really cool to see a mural on the street rather than a wall.

Brooklyn is a fun place to go on an art trip. Throw in some bagels and cheesecake and you have a very satisfying art trip!

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