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The Names Dress (With My Name!)

“There is no limit to beauty, no saturation point in design, no end to the material” – Salvatore Ferragamo

Today I’m honored and excited to share the news that my name has been included in the Names Dress, which is on display at the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence, Italy! The Names Dress is a wearable, compostable conceptual art piece engineered with over 300 handwritten, 3D printed names of women in STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) designed by Sylvia HeiselI’m incredibly flattered to be included in the same company as the other women whose names comprise the dress – I am in awe of them. For example, just look at these inspirational names: Elizabeth Blackwell, Florence Nightingale, Hedy Lamarr, Hypatia, Jane Goodall, Laurie Anderson, Margaret Atwood, Marie Curie, Rachel Carson, Sally Ride, and SO many more! What?! WOW!

The Names Dress is a tribute to women, known and unknown (yours truly), historic and contemporary, in the interconnected and evolving STEAM fields. The Names Dress is also an exploration of the use of sustainable materials and techniques in creating innovative textiles and garments. It is a magnificent creation by the brilliant Sylvia Heisel and partners, including Sophia Georgiou, developer of Morphi App, which is the 3D modeling app we use in my art classroom.

Here is a photo of the Names Dress:

The Names Dress

You can see a video of the Names Dress here:

Some of the “A” names

My name is here and looks like this:

Sketch of the Names Dress
The 3D printed “fabric”

The Names Dress is currently on exhibit for a year at the Sustainable Thinking Exhibition at the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence, Italy from April 12, 2019 through March 8, 2020. Florence! Italy!!!

Maybe I’ll see you there!

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