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Clay Projects Going Home Today & Tomorrow

Just a heads up that student clay pieces are being sent home today and tomorrow. Why a heads up? They are super fragile and have a long journey home! The clay pieces have been wrapped in newsprint and exit the art room door that way. I can’t vouch for their safety beyond that moment (sorry).

Sometimes small parts like appendages or eye balls fall off in transit. Sometimes they fall off between the bisque firing and the glaze firing. My experience has taught me that more times than not, if we glue the parts back on here, they will break again in transit – perhaps in the bottom of a back pack. Anyway – all is not lost. I recommend the following glue for these repairs:

Here is just a sampling of the many terrific clay pieces. Fifth graders created Personified or Animified (we made that word up) Pinch Pots. Sixth graders made Coil Clay Creatures. They all came out great! Those who missed the initial clay building class because of an instrument lesson or illness painted bisque tiles instead so they would have a chance to at least experience the glazing process. If your child’s clay piece doesn’t come home it is because I am saving it with the hope of putting it in the art show. It will be returned after the show, which is on April 11. They all came out great, and I wish I could save them all, but we don’t have the space. Here is the gallery – I hope you enjoy them:

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