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Results For “Which Painting?” Poll

I know you’ve been dying to see this, that you’re anxiously awaiting the results of the “Which Painting?” poll. Well, at least the 39 of you who participated in the away message poll I left on my automatic email reply each time I was out of school this year. The automatic reply would indicate the reason for my absence and advise the email sender when I would return. I also set up a Google Forms poll to find out which of four paintings to include in my curriculum based on the interest of those who emailed me in my absence and took the survey. This is what the form looked like:

Google Form

Here it is, the end of the school year (almost) and the results are in! Ding! Ding! Ding! Winner winner – chicken dinner!!!

Starry Night is the winner!!

Clearly, Starry Night is the winner! Congratulations to Vincent Van Gogh and sincere condolences to the runners up. Very sorry Mona:

Mona Lisa is not impressed…
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